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"Learning is like rowing upstream; if you are not moving forward, you are set back." - Chinese Proverb

Emily Reichert taught elementary, middle and high school before becoming an administrator in public school.  She ran Professional Development for Round Rock ISD helping to educate staff members in effective teaching practices.  At this time, she and her husband Kevin started their family and were blessed with two daughters, Grace and Hannah. In the search for quality preschool, Emily identified a need for an academically structured school with all of the love and care their girls deserved!  Unable to find a school like this in the area, Emily and Kevin built Upstream Learning as a space worthy of their own children that would grow to serve hundreds of children over the years.

“Grace was 4 and Hannah was 1 when I decided that if I was working as hard in education as I was at the time, I should be doing something to serve my children.  Upstream started with these two sweet faces and four other children. “The original six pack” as we fondly refer to them. Jeneffer Allen, our current director started working at the time as a teacher.  The girls flourished along with all of the adorable kids that have followed. Today, even though almost a decade has passed, Upstream Learning is still serving children and families with these two little girls as the place where it all began and the inspiration to continue the incredible work of leading preschool-aged students into a bright future.”

Emily Reichert shares her story; her daughters are the inspiration for Upstream Learning Preschool.

We Want Your Family To Be A Part Of Our Family. It Takes A Village!

Our school’s goal is to serve our families for the long term, to build strong relationships, and to create bonds among students and other families. Understanding you and your family helps us help YOU in raising your children with you, from babyhood until they get to their next educational adventure in Kindergarten.  

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