Young girl standing with her arms around an elephant's trunk

What a Difference the Kinder Ready Year Makes!

Calling all parents of students that land on that bubble…you know the one…the late birthdays where your kiddo will be the youngest in the classroom for all the years of schooling to come!  I had this baby.  Her birthday is August 21 and in the summer she turned 5, she

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Kids reaching into the bowl for the science experiment

Science with Young Learners

Y’all…this is so exciting!!! Today, I walked into our PreK classroom just as a science experiment started!  The energy in the classroom was humming and the kids were gathered around the teacher with such a level of excitement they couldn’t stand still.  She started talking about the products she was

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Well Done Upstream Team

Our school is a different place than it was 8 short weeks ago!  It’s better…and I’m so excited to share all of the ways that we have used this really challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic to strengthen Upstream Learning Preschool.  The Saturday of our Spring Break, the Upstream staff

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Seuss Week is Coming!

Every Spring at Upstream, we celebrate Read Across America Week in a BIG way!  Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2 (also Mrs. Allen’s) always falls during this time so we make it a school wide Seuss-tastical party for two weeks!  We invite parent and grandparent readers to read Seuss books

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Infant Sensory Experiences

by Emily Reichert In every classroom, we work to include experiences through sensory and science where our children get to interact with their environment using all five senses.  Even in the infant classroom, our teachers research ways to allow the babies this same opportunity!  Today, our littlest learners are learning

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Johnny Appleseed Day

by Emily Reichert At Upstream Learning Preschool, we find any reason we can to celebrate!  Thursday, September 26 is Johnny Appleseed Day and we are going to have some apple fun!  Students and teachers will wear overalls, apple themed shirts, or just the color red!  All of our classes will

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Support the RR Express!

by Emily Reichert Upstream Learning is blessed to serve many families associated with the Round Rock Express!  On Friday and Saturday, September 13 and 14 the Round Rock Express will play in championship games for the Pacific Coast League Championship.  This is the first time our local team has made

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Interactive Word Building

by Emily Reichert One of the most incredible things about our Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Ready classrooms is the effort we make to reinforce writing and reading in fun, engaging ways.  This week in Kindergarten Ready, we introduced the first of many sight words the students will learn over the course

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Teddy Bear Day!

by Emily Reichert Teddy Bear Day is Monday, September 9!  Help your children to remember to bring their furry friends to school!  We will have special reading time, teddy picnics at snack, and get to share our special friends in circle time with the class!

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Have a Ball at Upstream? Parent Referral Program

by Emily Reichert During the month of April 2019, we are hosting an Upstream Parent Referral Program where our amazing parents can win family fun prizes if they share about us to friends and neighbors! If a family comes to tour, the referring family will earn 4 tickets to a

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