Interactive Word Building

by Emily Reichert

One of the most incredible things about our Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Ready classrooms is the effort we make to reinforce writing and reading in fun, engaging ways.  This week in Kindergarten Ready, we introduced the first of many sight words the students will learn over the course of the school year.  There are so many ways to reinforce sight words beyond a traditional drill and kill model (BORING!).  Some of the exciting instructional practices we are using are to build the words in multiple ways.  The students use stamps to create words on paper or in play dough, use magnets and magnet boards, and even use Lego boards to make the words!  The students had an awesome time with these activities and the learning and conversation in the classroom was incredible!  Not only the creation of the word as a whole, but also reinforcement of mechanics of how to make a letter were part of the centers.  In addition, the students were talking about the letters that made up the words together and helping one another with creative ways to build the letters with different materials!  Preschool learning is AHHHHHH-mazing and so are our sweet kiddos!

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