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FREQuently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

YES! There are a minimal number of spaces in each age level for MWF and TTh students. Call the school at 512.381.1940 to find out if there are part time spaces available in your child’s age group.
Payment is due in full each month of service regardless of absences, vacations, or school closings.

Expenses at Upstream Learning over and above your annual enrollment or registration fee and monthly fee for school will be completely optional aside from the late fees for tuition or late pick up.

Optional expenses may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Purchase of school pictures during the school year
  • Participation in additional enrichment classes (Skyhawks Sports Classes, etc.)
  • Hearing and Vision Screening (optional for 3’s; required for 4’s and 5’s but may be completed at your doctor’s office and results provided to Upstream Learning)
  • Monetary contributions to service projects in the classrooms

Our school works hard to provide monthly on-site field trips for all students to be able to participate!

Examples include:

  • Visits by the Round Rock Librarian
  • The City Bus
  • Round Rock Fire Department and Police Department
  • Mad Hatters Reading Group
  • Community Helper visits
  • and many more!

Currently, we offer a Skyhawk’s sports enrichment program for students 18 months to 5 years in varying classes. Please contact the center for details on the program and sign up options for your child!

Upstream Learning provides healthy snacks for each child twice daily. Lunch should be brought from home from Monday to Thursday each week. On Fridays, Upstream will provide lunch. In the event that your child does not like the snack or lunch option, please plan to send another healthy option for him or her to eat at snack time or Friday lunchtime.

In the event that your child is not feeling well, our staff will contact you immediately by phone. If your child is suffering from a fever, we will request that you pick him or her up as soon as possible to prevent the sickness from worsening and/or the spread of the illness to other children in the center. According to state guidelines, parents have one hour within which to pick up their child from school. After having a fever, your child cannot return to Upstream Learning for 24 hours.

We will be excited to see your little one when he or she is feeling better and this will also ensure that your own child is not unnecessarily exposed to other’s germs when they are sick either!

There are specific guidelines that we must follow with regard to the administration of medication to children at Upstream Learning. 

Prescription Medication:

If your child has a medication that he or she must take daily while at school, it will need to be in the original prescription bottle with the child’s name on it and the administration instructions. The administration instructions must be from the doctor with a signature to show that based on his or her recommendation, we should provide the medication in this amount to the identified child. Please bring this and the Release to Administer Medication form attached in this packet to your child’s teacher. 

Over the Counter Medication:

If your child is in need of medication of some sort on a less routine basis or needs a fever reducer if he or she gets sick at school, Upstream Learning will need a Release to Administer Medication form signed by the parent with the administration instructions. Fever reducers will only be given to a child after a parent has been contacted by phone, given permission to administer, and is on the way to pick the child up from school. Upon pick-up, the parent will sign the Release to Administer Medication form showing what was given to the child and in what amount.

We do provide a private space for mothers that choose to breastfeed children while in our care. In addition, families that wish to send breast milk for children to consume while in our care should plan to do so and keep the milk refrigerated in the child’s classroom refrigerator. The milk will be provided to the child at drink, snack, or lunch time as requested by the parents. 

As parents or guardians drop off their children each morning, the teacher will sign the child into the classroom. On that sign in sheet, the teacher will note who is picking up the child that afternoon and make any special notes with regard to changes in regular procedure. A picture identification and written permission on the enrollment form or on a note from the parent is required for release of a child to someone other than their parent.

In addition, if a change is made from the morning drop off sign in sheet that has not been communicated, the Upstream Learning staff will contact the parent for further permission to release the child to the other adult.

Upstream Learning follows the Round Rock ISD decisions for inclement weather issues.

Example: If the school district does a two hour late start, Upstream Learning will open at 9:00 AM; if the district closes for the day, we close as well for student and family safety.

Absolutely! We welcome parent visitors anytime and invite you to come and be a part of our learning environment. A note here on parent visitors with regard to your child’s reaction and ability to see you come and go from the classroom is sometimes challenging in the beginning of the year.

We want your child to be most successful and happy while in our school; please utilize your own judgment and communicate with your child’s teacher about your planned visits!

Upstream Learning believes in the positive guidance of children to make good choices in the school environment. In accordance with state standards, children making poor choices will be redirected with positive feedback from the teacher, age appropriate consequences, and individualized based on student need. Upstream Learning does not support ANY discipline system or communication that is detrimental to a child mentally or emotionally.

Parents will be notified of any issues in the classroom that are causing challenges to the learning environment and the consequences set forth by the teacher.

Each day, Monday through Friday, you will get a note home from your child’s teacher. The note will be a description of the daily activities and some key learning from the day’s instruction. Also, you will get a personalized section of the note dedicated to your child’s experience, mood, excitement, successes, or challenges from the day.

Make sure to join our Upstream Learning Remind Group by texting 81010 with the message @upstreamle to stay aware of school activities, early closures, events, etc.

Our Facebook page and Instagram are great places to gather additional information, see events that are upcoming, and pictures of students in all classrooms during the school day.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Child Care Licensing Division, issues our licenses and conducts inspections based on the Child Care Standards for the state of Texas. I encourage you to review the TDFPS website at: