a safe and happy environment

giving your baby the best start possible

a safe and happy environment

giving your baby the best start possible

Infant Daycare | Round Rock, Texas | 0-12 months

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designed for your baby’s
safety and security

In our quiet cul-de-sac, surrounded by tall fences and tucked away from view, children are watched over attentively by caring professionals.  Infants can explore inside and out, in an environment designed for them to play in safety and grow in confidence. Upstream Learning is a safe and inspiring environment for your child. 

small classes for
dedicated attention

Two dedicated teachers care for just six infants to make sure each child has plenty of personalized care. We treat every child as an individual, and thanks to our small class size, we can look after their specific needs and give them one-on-one attention, affection, comfort, love, and the utmost care.

diverse, fun development activities for your baby

By watching and listening, babies begin to copy and participate. We help your child build pre-language skills and crucial motor skills with diverse and stimulating daily activities.  Each month, the Infant Teachers set developmental goals for each child and build lesson plans to compliment those goals.

Examples of such activities include:

Music and singing

Gentle stretching, wiggling, and dancing

Storytime and touch-and-feel books

Exercise when pushing up to play during tummy time

Finger painting with baby food

Self-discovery mirror time

daily movement for
advancing motor skills

Our sensory play patio gives your baby the freedom to explore. An outdoor classroom that will delight your child’s senses, whether set with kinetic sand tables, covered in leaves or arranged for water play, babies are absorbed in moving while learning. Exciting toys encourage your little one to reach, grasp, and bat, building their strength, and developing essential physical skills.

confidence blossoms with a positive start to education

As they receive affection, patience, and love, children feel a deep sense of security and belonging in an environment that encourages them to be themselves. As they build strong bonds with their teachers and peers, they grow in confidence and self-esteem. We provide a strong foundation on which to learn and grow.

focus on communication skills including baby sign language

Through regular routines and exposure to recognizable songs, activities, and people, babies are encouraged to copy sounds, respond to simple requests, use baby sign language, and begin to form words. Inspiring these first steps in communicating is the basis for your baby’s language acquisition and helps them to express themselves.

modeling kindness,
patience, and composure

Mixing with and mimicking their dedicated caregivers and their peers, children begin to respond, play, share, and contribute to the community. Our philosophy is rooted in Christian values so that even from this early age, children are learning the importance of kindness, patience, and composure.

keeping you informed of your baby’s routine and day-to-day

A personal written note from your child’s teacher gives you the peace of mind of knowing what your little one was up to and what their routine looked like on any given day. No stress about nap times or feed times or diaper changes, all is logged and available to you. Parents can also use the two-way communication app “Remind” to ask questions or request a picture throughout the day.  The app also provides announcements for upcoming events and fun activities!

Parent Reviews

"no greater partner in
your child's well-being"

Upstream Learning is exactly what I was looking for as a nervous mom returning to work. After an exhausting search and no prospects for care for my son, I felt right at home walking in the doors to Upstream. Emily and her staff put me at ease right away and a year later I feel as comfortable as ever each day that I leave my little one in their care. You will find no greater partner in your child’s well-being and early development than Upstream Learning!

Catherine E.

She fell in Love with all
her GREAT teachers”

Great care was given to my daughter in the infant room. As a first- time mom this was very nerve racking. She fell in Love with all her GREAT teachers. Mrs. Michelle was so patient. Mrs. Rose encouraged our Spanish speaking from home. I was extremely happy with the care she was given!! <3

Jessica De La G.

“She has learned so much and loves going to school”

Upstream is truly an exceptional Pre-school. My two year old began attending a year ago. In that time she has learned so much and loves going to school each day! We are so grateful for the wonderful team of teachers!

Erin H.

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