ready for school

lifelong learning and social success

ready for school

lifelong learning and social success

Kindergarten Ready | Round Rock, Texas | 5 years

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happy learners inside and out

In our two-acre grounds, children have the space to thrive, grow, and build strength as well as intelligence and maturity as they play with their peers, share, pretend, and express themselves. The self-confidence that comes from playing outdoors in a natural playscape will have lasting effects on their progress.

personal attention
fast-tracks successful learning

Well below the state average, our Kindergarten Ready class consists of just 15 children. Our pledge to you is to give your child the individual attention they need so that they won’t be struggling when they start school. This focused attention gives your child the skills they need to learn independently, then proceed onwards with school, and succeed with flying colors.

real-world know-how develops
with personalized lesson plans

A balance of fun and learning keeps your child inspired towards their personal learning goals. Creative teachers address all areas of your child’s development, shedding light on skills and abilities that may otherwise be missing in their development plans. By observing, tracking progress, and focusing on the gaps in your child’s cognitive, socio-emotional skills, and physical development, we can equip your child with the applicable skills they’ll continue to use their whole lives.

empathy as a life-skill that is
built into the curriculum

Our emphasis on Christian core values, such as kindness, patience, and self-control, are uppermost in every interaction. Children learn empathy and compassion in action and how to behave well while learning about the broader world of healthy, heartfelt relationships.

the benefit of mastering
writing skills young

Through fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate instructional methods of the Upstream curriculum, children build much more than the common writing skill set. When your child masters writing as an automatic and comfortable skill, they are more likely to succeed in school, no matter what the subject.

a wider world to explore

Thanks to a nurturing, safe, and encouraging environment, children are confident with themselves, as well as with their peers and new people. As we regularly invite inspiring guests from the neighborhood, children engage and think more broadly about roles, professions and careers, professions, the community, and the world at large.

Daily Notes take a load off your mind

It’s easy for you to follow your child’s learning and behavior when you get daily updates on what’s going on in the classroom. Personal notes from your teacher help you know exactly how your child is progressing each day.  While preparing your child for the next big school step, stay in the loop with the “Remind” app. Keeping you up-to-date means you get necessary reminders for school events, the parent-teacher meeting, and exciting events happening at school each month

Parent Reviews

“We have become so
close with everyone”

My son has been at Upstream for just over a year and it has been great. The teachers are so great, and the owner & director are wonderful. We have become close with everyone and it’s more of a family feeling. The teachers have great communication and I know I can always talk with someone. The education skills my son is learning are awesome in preparing him for kinder!! All in all wonderful preschool!! I’d definitely recommend it to everyone.

Nicole M.

“My daughter is more than
prepared for Kinder.”

I can not say enough good things about the love and maturity of their staff, the programs and learning they do and the care she received there. We are often complimented by family and even strangers on her maturity and intelligence and I know this school has contributed greatly to this. She is more than prepared for Kinder. Their new building is really nice, we love the feel of it “in the woods” and the trees and surrounding area make for a beautiful and nature place to play!

Kimberly C.

"It is so welcoming and feels like home."

I’ve had two of my children attend Upstream and absolutely love it! They only attended the year before they started kindergarten, but in that short time, they were MORE than prepared to start school! The staff is amazing! I plan on sending our last child there and would absolutely recommend this school!

Sara B.

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