What a Difference the Kinder Ready Year Makes!

A Unique Program Awaits Your Child Who Needs
An Extra Year Of Support Before Starting School

What a Difference the Kinder Ready Year Makes!

A Unique Program Awaits Your Child Who Needs An Extra Year Of Support Before Starting School

Kindergarten Ready | Round Rock, Texas | 5 years

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Calling All Parents Of Students That Land On That Bubble…You Know The One…

The Late Birthdays Where Your Kiddo Will Be The Youngest In The Classroom For All The Years Of Schooling To Come
Miss that Texas Kindergarten Cut Off of September 1 by a Few Days or a Month!

Research Shows This Pivotal Year Is A Game Changer

The Kindergarten transition is a big one!  In some cases the very young students with summer birthdays struggle because they are as much as a year younger than peers in the same classroom!  Remember that you are not just the youngest when you are 5, but more importantly when you are 12 or 16.  In some cases, it might be the right choice for a child to do the Kindergarten Ready bridge program solely because of maturity and socialization!  Most schools would have these children repeat their year of Pre-K, but Upstream has a home just for them!
Research Shows This Pivotal Year Is A Game Changer
The Small Group Classes Are Key To Their Learning

The Small Group Classes Are Key To Their Learning

Upstream’s Kindergarten Ready bridge program is also the answer for those babies that miss the Texas Kindergarten age cut off of turning 5 by September 1.  In our Kindergarten Ready program, your child can learn and grow in that year following PreK using a kindergarten curriculum within a comforting low-ratio preschool environment—helping them build the confidence, knowledge, and skills to transition to their next school adventure easily

“85 of 10,000 students born in August were either diagnosed with or treated for ADHD, compared with 64 students of 10,000 born in September.”

Transition Your Little One From Pre-K To Kindergarten Let’s Get Them Ready To Thrive, Excel, & Succeed!

Certified Elementary Teachers Help With School Skills

An elementary school teacher brings years of expertise, tailoring lessons to real-world kindergarten classes. Also trained in Kindergarten Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and Phonics, your child’s teacher meets their skills, speed, and talents.

The Curriculum Mirrors Kindergarten In A Preschool Environment

Through exciting science experiments, lessons, and activities, they master the reading, writing, social, behavioral, and math skills they need to easily transition into kindergarten—and stand out in their classroom.

More Attention & One-On-One Focus In Smaller Classes

Thanks to small class sizes, your child loves the extra attention and support they receive. Teachers personalize learning to your child’s abilities and connect school to home with additional resources so your child quickly develops and stays on track.

A Kindergarten Curriculum But With A Preschool Pace

They think they’re having fun, but they’re learning. Rather than repeating already-known Pre-K materials, your child dives into new, unique, exciting experiments, projects, and activities. Once they exit the program, watch them thoroughly read and comprehend text, operate in a higher reading group, enjoy math skills more outstanding than their classmates, and more.
A Kindergarten Curriculum But With A Preschool Pace

Projects & Presentations Foster Confidence & A Passion For Learning

Your child unlocks new levels of learning thanks to lessons and concepts they wouldn’t find at other preschools. They dive deep and explore topics that interest them, fostering a love for knowledge, then when presenting their findings to their classmates, they master their confidence and communication skills.

Put Your Child At The Top Of Their Class!

“We’ve been told by current school district Kindergarten and First Grade teachers that our students are well above other students currently in their classrooms because of the attention they get at Upstream.”
—Emily Reichert, Owner

Daily Outdoor Fun On An Extensive Natural Playscape

In our two-acre grounds, children have the space to thrive, grow, and build strength as well as intelligence and maturity as they play with their peers, share, pretend, and express themselves. The self-confidence that comes from playing outdoors in a natural playscape will have lasting effects on their progress.

How Personal Attention Fast-Tracks Successful Learning

Well below the state average, our Kindergarten Ready class consists of just 15 children. Our pledge to you is to give your child the individual attention they need so that they won’t be struggling when they start school. This focused attention gives your child the skills they need to learn independently, then proceed onwards with school, and succeed with flying colors.
How Personal Attention Fast-Tracks Successful Learning

real-world know-how develops with personalized lesson plans

A balance of fun and learning keeps your child inspired towards their personal learning goals. Creative teachers address all areas of your child’s development, shedding light on skills and abilities that may otherwise be missing in their development plans. By observing, tracking progress, and focusing on the gaps in your child’s cognitive, socio-emotional skills, and physical development, we can equip your child with the applicable skills they’ll continue to use their whole lives.

This Is An Important Time For Growth In Social & Behavioral Skills

Whereas children placed back with younger peers are at risk of not making advancements in socio-emotional growth, children in the Bridge program are learning skills that are crucial for their age. They begin to articulate feelings more quickly, are encouraged to speak with their peers, and teachers guide them towards more independent interactions.

the benefit of mastering writing skills young

Through fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate instructional methods of the Upstream curriculum, children build much more than the common writing skill set. When your child masters writing as an automatic and comfortable skill, they are more likely to succeed in school, no matter what the subject.

Children Often Exit The Bridge Program Fully Reading & Comprehending Text With An Excellent Phonics Knowledge & Sight Word Base

a wider world to explore

Thanks to a nurturing, safe, and encouraging environment, children are confident with themselves, as well as with their peers and new people. As we regularly invite inspiring guests from the neighborhood, children engage and think more broadly about roles, professions and careers, professions, the community, and the world at large.

Daily Notes take a load off your mind

It’s easy for you to follow your child’s learning and behavior when you get daily updates on what’s going on in the classroom. Personal notes from your teacher help you know exactly how your child is progressing each day.  While preparing your child for the next big school step, stay in the loop with the “Remind” app. Keeping you up-to-date means you get necessary reminders for school events, the parent-teacher meeting, and exciting events happening at school each month.

Parent Reviews

"Within days our son was happy to run into school 🙌 that is the best feeling ever..."
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Our tour with Emily and Jeneffer was like no other. They asked questions, allowed us to ask ours, and gave our kiddo space to play and become comfortable while we talked. And then they gave us the facility tour. We didn’t feel rushed and we could see and feel the care they have for the children and families in their care. The best part, within days our son was happy to run into school 🙌 that is the best feeling ever. It is HARD to find a good center. But I can tell you that Upstream Learning is phenomenal. Read more...

Meagan Cox

"She is thriving and loves the school, the staff and her friends so much..."
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I CANNOT say enough good things about this school. My little one has been going there since she was 1. She is thriving and loves the school, the staff and her friends so much. The environment is so warm, welcoming, loving and vibrant. The teachers and staff are beyond amazing. The kids are so sweet and your little will be surrounded by amazing people and other kids. Upstream is also a school that my own mother, highly recommends and cannot say enough good things about either. Read more...

Shelby Crow Holston

"The staff are warm and love the children, but also amazing educators."
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This preschool is one of a kind. The curriculum, the community, and the care that is provided by this school is like no other around. We tried to find something closer for my son (19 months) but after looking at more than 20 different closer preschools, we determined there is nothing comparable. The staff are warm and love the children, but also amazing educators. We love our Upstream family and are so thankful to have them as an integral part of our child’s development.

Carrie Campbell

"The family culture draws you in and makes you feel at ease"
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The moment we went on our first tour we felt like family. From meeting the teachers, to seeing the campus, to the extensive welcome packet, all of it was informative and put us at ease. The family culture draws you in and makes you feel at ease, while the attention to curriculum and training of teachers helps you to know that your child will not only be where they need to be academically, but they will also be well rounded kids as they enter the world of public/private school after preschool. Thank you, Upstream Learning!

Brandie Brown

"We have absolutely loved the entire Upstream experience!"
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We have absolutely loved the entire Upstream experience! The teachers and staff are amazing. They take continuing education and professional development for the team seriously and it really shows! Such an amazing community.

George Brown

"Peace Of Mind Knowing My Children Are Safe And Loved."
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My daughter attended Upstream Learning from the age of 2 and my son from the age of 4. The amazing staff guided and cared for my children every day when I could not be with them. Both my children were beyond prepared for their kindergarten year and continue to perform above grade level. I will never be able to repay Upstream Learning for the peace of mind they gave me knowing my children were safe and loved.

Lauren L.

"More Than Prepared To Start School"
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All three of my children attended Upstream and absolutely loved it! My oldest 2 only attended the year before they started kindergarten, but in that short time, they were MORE than prepared to start school, both excelling in school-straight A students! My youngest attended two years prior to starting kinder and WOW is all I can say! She is at the top of her class in everything, especially reading! The staff is amazing! So friendly and caring for your children, they are like extended family! I would HIGHLY recommend this school, you will not regret it!

Sara B.

"It Is So Welcoming And Feels Like Home."
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So thankful to have found this preschool for my two children. It is so welcoming and feels like home. I love that it is locally/family owned, has Christian values and teaches what they need to know for kindergarten, and is character building. I highly recommend putting it on your list to visit when deciding where to send your child – I just wish I had found it sooner!

Laura F

- Senior Vice President, Marketing At Round Rock Express.


Parent Reviews

“We have become so
close with everyone”

My son has been at Upstream for just over a year and it has been great. The teachers are so great, and the owner & director are wonderful. We have become close with everyone and it’s more of a family feeling. The teachers have great communication and I know I can always talk with someone. The education skills my son is learning are awesome in preparing him for kinder!! All in all wonderful preschool!! I’d definitely recommend it to everyone.

Nicole M.

“My daughter is more than
prepared for Kinder.”

I can not say enough good things about the love and maturity of their staff, the programs and learning they do and the care she received there. We are often complimented by family and even strangers on her maturity and intelligence and I know this school has contributed greatly to this. She is more than prepared for Kinder. Their new building is really nice, we love the feel of it “in the woods” and the trees and surrounding area make for a beautiful and nature place to play!

Kimberly C.

"It is so welcoming and feels like home."

I’ve had two of my children attend Upstream and absolutely love it! They only attended the year before they started kindergarten, but in that short time, they were MORE than prepared to start school! The staff is amazing! I plan on sending our last child there and would absolutely recommend this school!

Sara B.

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