laying the foundation

creating a strong, solid base for school success

laying the foundation

creating a strong, solid base for school success

Pre-K | Round Rock, Texas | 4 years

small class sizes fast-track
comprehension and progress

Classes are kept small so that each child receives individualized attention and instruction from the teacher. Ensuring children are learning in a manner and at a pace that suits them, deepens their understanding so that they not only grasp but master the basics. Furthering a child’s thinking process is crucial when preparing for kindergarten.

2 key approaches that together
create literacy for life

As we continue to explore letters and words and make use of our on-site library, we encourage children to grow a love of literacy, enjoying stories, and rhymes. We use the “Handwriting Without Tears” approach to build a solid foundation for writing, along with “Jolly Phonics” for phonetic awareness and reading. By blending these two programs, your child’s skills progress quickly as their vocabulary explodes.

a whole-child,
full-concept curriculum

For every theme we present, children discover real-world connections in ways that are relevant and understandable. Grasping the bigger picture of the topic they are learning requires evolved thinking and new cognitive skills. Each activity in our Upstream curriculum is multi-faceted, involves observation, and discernment. Children have fully absorbed learning and understand the “why,” a life skill that supports innate motivation and empathy.

striking a balance of academics
and socio-emotional skills

Our teachers have the freedom to design lessons based on the interests and learning styles of their classes, all of which are reviewed and approved by fully qualified professionals such as school Director and Owner. The socio-emotional learning component of your child’s development is included directly in their lesson plan. The “Love and Logic” approach means your child is learning essential social skills along with academics.

cultivating kindness,
self-love, and self-discipline

Children are taught to act and speak with kindness, engendering a culture of respect for parents, teachers, and peers. Gratitude is practiced before every meal in the form of a simple prayer of thanks. Although non-denominational, Upstream Learning Preschool upholds Christian-based values to develop crucial character traits later in life. Your child gains character traits like respect, kindness, responsibility, patience, self-love, and self-discipline.

gardening as an integral
part of the curriculum

Our Pre-Kindergarten class learns about the different stages of a plant’s growth with hands-on exploration. They plant seeds, watch them grow, transplant the seedlings, and tend to the garden. Along with developing diligence and care, your child practices their dexterity and fine motor skills, like grasping, carrying, clasping, and more. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching the little ones work away in their garden.

more time outside means better attention in the classroom

Gardening and exploring the grounds are lovely on sunny days. For the times when the weather puts a damper on our outdoor activities, children are invited to play ball, hopscotch, and more in “The Quad.”  It’s essential for their intellectual and emotional growth that children spend time outdoors every day. Our environment is fully equipped for your child’s outdoor play, rain, or shine.

outdoor play patio and epic
wooden structures to climb

Your child will love to get messy and explore the interactive monthly themes of the outdoor play patio. Space for children to fully immerse themselves in the project at hand and lose themselves in the learning process. No need to worry about cleanup, as the patio can be hosed down! Our incredible wooden play structures are a favorite play area for kids. Imagination takes flight on the steam engine and giant pirate ship, designed with safety and creative play in mind.

Personalized Notes To Parents provides peace of mind and updates on progress

We keep a record of every child’s activities, achievements, and accomplishments in daily journals and compile their work in a comprehensive portfolio. Your child’s learning plan is thorough and shared with you via personal notes from each and every teacher. It’s equally reassuring to know you can reach your child’s caregivers throughout the day via the Remind app where announcements and events are shared for the school!

Parent Reviews

”teachers love them, challenge them, and nurture them.”

We love Upstream Learning! We have been at Upstream for the last 4 years, and we have been so happy with our experience. My boys have learned so much- both academically and socially. Their teachers love them, challenge them, and nurture them. There are many days that I arrive to pick up my son, and he asks me to come back later! He loves his teachers and the friends he has made, and he is excited to go to school everyday. We feel so blessed to have found Upstream Learning!

Lora K.

“Upstream will always
be family to us!!!!”

Upstream thank you! Thank you for almost 3 incredible years! It has not only been an amazing place to work but you loved our kiddo for who he is. You have taught him biblical principals and challenged him with high expectations. We couldn’t be happier and proud to say that he is most definitely “kinder ready”; and that he is very excited about going to kindergarten. You all have made learning fun and memorable! Our hearts are so full! Upstream will always be family to us!!!!

Charity S.

“They teach more than
just the fundamentals.”

They really get children ready for kindergarten and the school environment. They teach them more than just the fundamentals. They do hands on activities, engaging lessons and most importantly, they have fun! You can tell that the caregivers truly love and value their students and parents. An important factor is the small classes they have. Teachers can really connect and build a bond with their students. They really are one big family.

Missy G.

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