love, attention, and commitment

shaping your child’s curious mind and their sense of wonder

love, attention,
and commitment

shaping your child’s curious mind and their sense of wonder

Toddlers | Round Rock, Texas | 12 - 24 months

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personalized care
for every child

Our small classes allow our two teachers to give each little learner the attention they need. Teachers tailor learning activities to suit the pace and needs of each child. Your child thrives with more attention and special care. The focus is on them as an individual, as well as the fun of a collaborative class.

a family-feel in a wholly
supportive environment

Every progressive learning step we take with your child is done with care. Not only do we provide them with personal attention, we also give unconditional love and affection that brings about an unshakeable sense of security. This sense of security allows your child to learn, laugh, grow, and flourish in our wholly supportive environment.

guiding your child through an
academic-rich curriculum

While at play, children are learning and creating their foundation for school. Counting, sorting, patterning, letter recognition, and phonetic awareness are built into the curriculum’s varied activities. Delving into each immersive learning experience means your child is already getting Kindergarten ready, absorbing pre-reading and language skills, as well as the basis for math and science.

how is play refining your child's talents and skills?

Now is the time to explore and to lovingly push thinking and development. By investigating puzzles, building blocks, sand, paint, and lots more colorful age-appropriate materials, children are invited to use their hands to grab, grasp, pour, and scoop. They are building the fine motor skills later used for writing. By building towers and exploring how things fit together, they learn planning, problem-solving, observation, and critical thinking. We focus on enhancing your child’s strengths while gently addressing any gaps in their development.

learning self-help skills and
building new confidence

With growing motor skills, children are encouraged to begin to care for and express themselves. They learn to wash, eat, put their toys away. They can let their caregivers know when their diaper needs changing, through gestures, baby signing, and simple words. Our patient and caring team give your child every opportunity to build their newfound independence and confidence.

outdoor classrooms inspire a
sense of space, wonder,
and increase self-esteem

Within the haven of our gardens, sensory play patio, and under the shade of our trees, children expand their minds, spread their limbs, and enjoy the freedom to move and play.

Interacting with Nature has innumerable benefits, which include:

encouraging every child to show kindness to those around them

As children respond to the love and attention they receive, they emulate the Upstream Learning team’s philosophy of acting with patience and kindness. Your child will learn to play and share with their peers, model the behavior of their teachers, and the core values of our school.

Daily, Personalized Notes
To Keep you in the know

You’ll love the ease and convenience of our two-way parent communication app for updates and reminders.  More so, each parent receives personalized notes every day written by their child’s teacher. Because of your child’s small class, you will connect with your child’s teacher, hear about their day’s accomplishments, stay informed as to how they are napping, and what they are eating. All this information is provided in the most personalized way.

Partnering with Parents
for Community Events

Parents partake in monthly activities hosted at the school. Much anticipated community events include Parents’ Night Out, Spirit Nights at local restaurants, and other family events as well. Grandparents day is heart-warming, as is Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day celebrations, to name a few.

On-Site Field Trips Give Your
Child a Glimpse of the World

Firefighters, police officers, hairdressers, dentists, vets, bankers, and many more professionals visit and introduce themselves to your child. Children to get to know key members of our community and to learn about different occupations. The Mad Hatters, a reading group from our local active adult community, come by for a live presentation, and Santa visits every year for photos.

Parent Reviews

"Within days our son was happy to run into school 🙌 that is the best feeling ever..."
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Our tour with Emily and Jeneffer was like no other. They asked questions, allowed us to ask ours, and gave our kiddo space to play and become comfortable while we talked. And then they gave us the facility tour. We didn’t feel rushed and we could see and feel the care they have for the children and families in their care. The best part, within days our son was happy to run into school 🙌 that is the best feeling ever. It is HARD to find a good center. But I can tell you that Upstream Learning is phenomenal. Read more...

Meagan Cox

"She is thriving and loves the school, the staff and her friends so much..."
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I CANNOT say enough good things about this school. My little one has been going there since she was 1. She is thriving and loves the school, the staff and her friends so much. The environment is so warm, welcoming, loving and vibrant. The teachers and staff are beyond amazing. The kids are so sweet and your little will be surrounded by amazing people and other kids. Upstream is also a school that my own mother, highly recommends and cannot say enough good things about either. Read more...

Shelby Crow Holston

"The staff are warm and love the children, but also amazing educators."
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This preschool is one of a kind. The curriculum, the community, and the care that is provided by this school is like no other around. We tried to find something closer for my son (19 months) but after looking at more than 20 different closer preschools, we determined there is nothing comparable. The staff are warm and love the children, but also amazing educators. We love our Upstream family and are so thankful to have them as an integral part of our child’s development.

Carrie Campbell

"The family culture draws you in and makes you feel at ease"
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The moment we went on our first tour we felt like family. From meeting the teachers, to seeing the campus, to the extensive welcome packet, all of it was informative and put us at ease. The family culture draws you in and makes you feel at ease, while the attention to curriculum and training of teachers helps you to know that your child will not only be where they need to be academically, but they will also be well rounded kids as they enter the world of public/private school after preschool. Thank you, Upstream Learning!

Brandie Brown

"We have absolutely loved the entire Upstream experience!"
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We have absolutely loved the entire Upstream experience! The teachers and staff are amazing. They take continuing education and professional development for the team seriously and it really shows! Such an amazing community.

George Brown

"Peace Of Mind Knowing My Children Are Safe And Loved."
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My daughter attended Upstream Learning from the age of 2 and my son from the age of 4. The amazing staff guided and cared for my children every day when I could not be with them. Both my children were beyond prepared for their kindergarten year and continue to perform above grade level. I will never be able to repay Upstream Learning for the peace of mind they gave me knowing my children were safe and loved.

Lauren L.

"More Than Prepared To Start School"
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All three of my children attended Upstream and absolutely loved it! My oldest 2 only attended the year before they started kindergarten, but in that short time, they were MORE than prepared to start school, both excelling in school-straight A students! My youngest attended two years prior to starting kinder and WOW is all I can say! She is at the top of her class in everything, especially reading! The staff is amazing! So friendly and caring for your children, they are like extended family! I would HIGHLY recommend this school, you will not regret it!

Sara B.

"It Is So Welcoming And Feels Like Home."
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So thankful to have found this preschool for my two children. It is so welcoming and feels like home. I love that it is locally/family owned, has Christian values and teaches what they need to know for kindergarten, and is character building. I highly recommend putting it on your list to visit when deciding where to send your child – I just wish I had found it sooner!

Laura F

- Senior Vice President, Marketing At Round Rock Express.


Parent Reviews

“they all make you feel very at home.”

Upstream Learning is easily the best place in the Round Rock area to take your kids. The director’s name is Emily and you will not find a more qualified person running a preschool. Not only does she have her PhD, she has spent time as an educator at every level you can think of, from pre k to college level. The rest of the staff are also outstanding, they all make you feel very at home. Outside, you will find plenty of mature oak trees that provide a safe and shady recess area. Inside and out, Upstream Learning is awesome.

Trip F.

“They have great communication with parents”

Over the last year and a half our son has grown cognitively, socially, and emotionally thanks to the Upstream staff! They have great communication with parents, and are so accommodating with any special needs he has. They make going to school fun!

Monica S.

“Plenty of one-on-one
time and attention”

Love Upstream! It’s just the right size for us. It has this perfect combo of home care/family feel with structured learning and creative development that encourage my son’s curious nature. The teacher/ student ratio allows for plenty of one-on-one time and attention for our son. He has bonded with his wonderful, compassionate teachers and aids making his time away from us safe and enjoyable. Parents night out are a LIFESAVER!!!! Upstream is the best!

Tiffany W.

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