building a happy learning future

with absolute confidence and many new skills

building a happy learning future

with absolute confidence and many new skills

2 year olds | Round Rock, Texas

tons of attention and a
more structured routine

With two teachers per classroom for more attention and care, we create an early learning environment in which your child is fully attended to. In addition to plenty of personal attention, we give your child the security of a structured daily routine, while allowing time for them to explore their independence, and encouraging them to express themselves.

a sound foundation for
emerging language skills

At this age, children are discovering the exciting world of words and beginning to experiment with their new sounds. The introduction of Jolly Phonics encourages and consolidates their learning for future success with speaking and writing. This approach is a fun and child-centered way to teach literacy through synthetic phonics.

exceptional teaching team
guiding your child

Our incredible teaching team believes in education, and many members have degrees or are presently pursuing higher education. Having a team of professionals who are educated and who value knowledge is crucial to the learning experience, as they embrace every opportunity to facilitate your child’s learning.

enhancing creative and
critical thinking skills

As their awareness grows, children are encouraged to observe, imagine, conceptualize, and to create, as well as to discover the natural consequences of their thought processes and actions. Perception develops, and organic learning happens throughout the day, along with their structured daily activities. Based on the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Kindergarten, the Upstream Learning curriculum gives your child every advantage possible as they prepare for the start of school.

fresh air, outdoor play, and the
benefits of a nature setting

Outdoor play increases focus, attention, concentration, and has a tremendously positive effect on self-esteem. Children are given the space to walk, run, and jump around as they safely explore play structures, gardens, our outdoor patio classroom, and more. At Upstream, our natural environment is as vital as our effective curriculum. Your little one gets outside every day for fresh air and exercise and has fun.

social skills that
come from the heart

Our Christian values are at the heart of everything we do, from prayers before meals to our culture of kindness. Children learn respect, patience, and compassion from a young age. Saying “please” and “thank you,” actively listening, sharing, taking turns, and playing well together are all part of what will define your child’s future character as they grow.

communicating with your child’s teacher is easy with our app

Two-way communication is at your fingertips with “Remind,” our easy-to-use parent communication app. You’ll receive important reminders and announcements through the app and can request information at any time! In addition, your child’s teacher writes personalized notes about your child’s daily triumphs and plenty of photos. Educators and parents can easily communicate, share information, send reminders so that you are always in the loop and up-to-date on your child’s day.

Community Events
Always Involve Parents

We always invite parents to participate in activities at the school, from Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to our annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Community events such as Parents’ Night Out, Spirit Nights, held at local restaurants, and other family events are monthly occurrences. Everyone looks forward to being together.

Exciting In-House Visits from Vets, Dentists, Police Officers, and More

Readers from the library visit every month, and we host visits from community members such as firemen, police officers, hairdressers, dentists, vets, bankers, and more. A reading group from our local active adult community, The Mad Hatters, give a live presentation, and of course the big man in red visits every year at Christmas.

Parent Reviews

“My son loves to get ready to play with his friends every morning.”

If I can’t be with my son during the day, Upstream is the place I want him to be. The first time I toured, I walked into one of the classes and they had they’re prayer hands ready to give thanks for their food. I knew I wanted him in this environment. He’s now 2 and loves to get ready to play with his friends every morning. I love the structure and the roaming space to play. The staff is so nurturing and I’m grateful for their hard work. Thank you ladies!

Heidi C.

“children become well rounded, lifelong learners.”

Upstream Learning is an amazing preschool! After searching and searching for the right school for my son, we found everything we were wanting (and more) at Upstream Learning. The teachers and owners are wonderful, and committed to helping children become well rounded, lifelong learners. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a safe, inviting school that encourages play, investigation, and making learning fun!

Erin F.

“I know they are ALWAYS safe”

The ratio of teachers to children is one of the main reasons I love this school. The teachers are all amazing and I always feel comfortable leaving my babies with them no matter which teacher my babies are with, I know they are ALWAYS safe. I also love the location of the school and how it’s not on a main rd!

Katie H.

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