Kids reaching into the bowl for the science experiment

Science with Young Learners

Y’all…this is so exciting!!! Today, I walked into our PreK classroom just as a science experiment started!  The energy in the classroom was humming and the kids were gathered around the teacher with such a level of excitement they couldn’t stand still.  She started talking about the products she was mixing, asking questions, helping the students make predictions about what would happen…and….it.was.magic!

The kids watch with rapt attention with each item she pours.  One child is asked to stir in one bowl and another pours liquid into another.  Next, the teacher is asking again about why they are making this magic solution and the kids are firing answers about the rain forest and rubber and Brazil and all of the awesome connections they have made this week in their study of different parts of the world.

It’s finally time to mix the two bowls of liquid together and in a flash of brilliance, the teacher says…”Don’t you guys think we should add some color?” and of course the question is met with resounding “YES!!!” from each kiddo!  She adds green food coloring to the mix and the children ooooohhhhh and aaaahhhhh like she’s showing them the Hope Diamond.  She dramatically pours one bowl into the other and the kids’ eyes grow to the size of saucers waiting….

She stirs the solutions together with a wooden spoon and the mixture begins thickening.  She’s asking questions about what’s happening before their very eyes….she makes the decision that the spoon isn’t getting it done and she definitely needs to use her hands to do the mixing!  Every.single.child edges closer to watch her put her hands into this mixture that is turning to a slimy rubber texture!  They are enthralled!

When she asks if they want to touch it, the squeals of excitement could be heard for miles.  When she asks if they want to have some to play with on the table, they start dancing in place.  When she asks if they’d like to take some home to show moms and dads, they all start talking at once telling her how excited they are!

Science with preschoolers is total magic.  It allows their curiosity to soar and their minds to expand to new places.  They ask questions and make predictions and have cool science talk with great vocabulary building.  The whole process is just amazing to watch and be a part of…I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to provide these experiences at our school all of the time!  When the whole process is done, I tell her…let’s do that again!!!

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