Parent Reviews

Meagan Cox

I see LOTS of daycare recommendation requests around here so I wanted to share this post from ours.

For some background - I am extremely cautious and picky about where I send my kiddo. I thought I had done my due diligence at his last center but he went from being “okay” with being dropped off to having a death grip around my neck at drop off and a whole list of red flags within a few short months. It was awful. I knew the behavior wasn’t right and I was contemplating finding a way to keep him home but financially that really just wouldn’t have worked for us right now.

After hours and hours of reading reviews at other centers, I decided to call Upstream Learning.

My very first conversation with Jeneffer was phenomenal. She was informative and welcoming. She was the first to tell us our son was welcome to join the tour.

Our tour with Emily and Jeneffer was like no other. Instead of ushering us around a building while answering questions for a short 15-30 minutes, they spent an hour sitting face to face with us. They asked questions, allowed us to ask ours, and gave our kiddo space to play and become comfortable while we talked. And then they gave us the facility tour. We didn’t feel rushed and we could see and feel the care they have for the children and families in their care.

The best part, within days our son was happy to run into school 🙌 that is the best feeling ever.

It is HARD to find a good center. But I can tell you that Upstream Learning is phenomenal.

Carrie Campbell

This preschool is one of a kind. The curriculum, the community, and the care that is provided by this school is like no other around. We tried to find something closer for my son (19 months) but after looking at more than 20 different closer preschools, we determined there is nothing comparable. The staff are warm and love the children, but also amazing educators. We love our Upstream family and are so thankful to have them as an integral part of our child’s development.

Lauren L.

My daughter attended Upstream Learning from the age of 2 and my son from the age of 4. The amazing staff guided and cared for my children every day when I could not be with them. Both my children were beyond prepared for their kindergarten year and continue to perform above grade level. I will never be able to repay Upstream Learning for the peace of mind they gave me knowing my children were safe and loved.

Trip F.

Upstream Learning is easily the best place in the Round Rock area to take your kids. The director’s name is Emily and you will not find a more qualified person running a preschool. Not only does she have her PhD, she has spent time as an educator at every level you can think of, from pre k to college level. The rest of the staff are also outstanding, they all make you feel very at home. Outside, you will find plenty of mature oak trees that provide a safe and shady recess area. Inside and out, Upstream Learning is awesome.

Heidi C.

If I can’t be with my son during the day, Upstream is the place I want him to be. The first time I toured, I walked into one of the classes and they had they’re prayer hands ready to give thanks for their food. I knew I wanted him in this environment. He’s now 2 and loves to get ready to play with his friends every morning. I love the structure and the roaming space to play. The staff is so nurturing and I’m grateful for their hard work. Thank you ladies!

A&R J.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Upstream Learning. I have been a teacher for several years, so my expectations on it being preSCHOOL and not just daycare were high. My expectations have been exceeded though. My oldest has been there for the past 3 years, and my youngest just started in the infant room. Emily, Jeneffer, and their staff are amazing. My kids love going to school, they are learning TONS (my 4 year old reads like a champ), and they are loved on ALL day long. The teachers stick around (many have been there all 3 years that we have) which says a lot about the environment and that they are happy to be there as well. Worth every penny if you can get a spot for your kiddo!

Lora K.

We love Upstream Learning! We have been at Upstream for the last 4 years, and we have been so happy with our experience. My boys have learned so much- both academically and socially. Their teachers love them, challenge them, and nurture them. There are many days that I arrive to pick up my son, and he asks me to come back later! He loves his teachers and the friends he has made, and he is excited to go to school everyday. We feel so blessed to have found Upstream Learning!

Emma Gonzalez

Upstream Learning is the perfect place for growth and education. I’ve worked as an employee at Upstream for 5 years. As an education major I wanted hands on experience working with children. That’s exactly what I got. Upstream developed my teaching skills that has prepared me to be successful in both my studies and profession. Upstream provides structured curriculum that aligns with district TEKS to prepare children for elementary school. Emily Reichert has created a safe and educational environment for both her students and employees. Emily offers professional development to all teachers to ensure they feel confident in the classroom. Upstream is a place for professional growth as well. There are various opportunities and roles for employees to fill such as leadership and lead teacher roles. Emily Reichert focuses on helping all of her staff create personal goals and provides resources to help each individual staff member make progression towards that goal.
Upstream offers paid time off, holiday breaks and bonuses. As an employee I always felt like there were opportunities available to me. The teachers that fill the halls at Upstream became my family. I know if I ever decide to have kids one day that they will without hesitation be enrolled at Upstream Learning Preschool. 5 years later I am now beginning my own teaching career at Round Rock ISD. A dream come true all thanks to my Upstream family and Emily Reichert.

Shelby Crow Holston

To all the mamas out there looking for an amazing preschool/daycare for their littles...check out Upstream Learning.

I CANNOT say enough good things about this school. My little one has been going there since she was 1. She is thriving and loves the school, the staff and her friends so much. The environment is so warm, welcoming, loving and vibrant. The teachers and staff are beyond amazing. The kids are so sweet and your little will be surrounded by amazing people and other kids.

I was insanely meticulous in my research for a preschool/daycare for my little prior to attending, and had high expectations as my own mom used to be a daycare owner for many years. Upstream far exceeded my expectations. Upstream is also a school that my own mother, highly recommends and cannot say enough good things about either. Not only that, my MIL is a retired kindergarten teacher, and is constantly so so impressed with what my little one knows and how far she has grown academically for her age and how she continues to just absorb everything she is learning and show off how smart she is. I cannot wait to see how prepared my little one will be come time for Kindergarten. Upstream is not only preparing the Littles for school, but helping to mold and instill morals, empathy, and positive character traits in the children as well. That is SO rare!!

Look no further...if you choose Upstream...your kiddo(s) will be in the BEST hands!!!

George Brown

We have absolutely loved the entire Upstream experience! The teachers and staff are amazing. They take continuing education and professional development for the team seriously and it really shows! Such an amazing community.

Sara B.

All three of my children attended Upstream and absolutely loved it! My oldest 2 only attended the year before they started kindergarten, but in that short time, they were MORE than prepared to start school, both excelling in school-straight A students! My youngest attended two years prior to starting kinder and WOW is all I can say! She is at the top of her class in everything, especially reading! The staff is amazing! So friendly and caring for your children, they are like extended family! I would HIGHLY recommend this school, you will not regret it!

Monica S.

Over the last year and a half our son has grown cognitively, socially, and emotionally thanks to the Upstream staff! They have great communication with parents, and are so accommodating with any special needs he has. They make going to school fun!

Erin F.

Upstream Learning is an amazing preschool! After searching and searching for the right school for my son, we found everything we were wanting (and more) at Upstream Learning. The teachers and owners are wonderful, and committed to helping children become well rounded, lifelong learners. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a safe, inviting school that encourages play, investigation, and making learning fun!

Mandy F.

We absolutely love the new building and what it has to offer to all of the kids. Our oldest daughter is now going into the 2nd grade and is continuing to excel academically. I attribute a lot of this to the solid foundation the UpStream instilled in her, not only academically, but socially and behaviorally as well. Her transition to kindergarten was flawless and that was largely due to the outstanding Kinder-ready program at Upstream. Our youngest is flourishing as a 3 year old and is constantly engaged in creative ways of learning, while still having structure.
Upstream Learning is the perfect balance between fun, learning, and structure. You will not find a better program four your children anywhere else!

Charity S.

Upstream thank you! Thank you for almost 3 incredible years! It has not only been an amazing place to work but you loved our kiddo for who he is. You have taught him biblical principals and challenged him with high expectations. We couldn’t be happier and proud to say that he is most definitely “kinder ready”; and that he is very excited about going to kindergarten. You all have made learning fun and memorable! Our hearts are so full! Upstream will always be family to us!!!!

Kimberly C.

I can not say enough good things about the love and maturity of their staff, the programs and learning they do and the care she received there. We are often complimented by family and even strangers on her maturity and intelligence and I know this school has contributed greatly to this. She is more than prepared for Kinder. Their new building is really nice, we love the feel of it “in the woods” and the trees and surrounding area make for a beautiful and nature place to play!

Stephen Carter

We really love the teachers at Upstream! They take a personal interest in our kiddo’s learning and growth and have since he was just in the nursery. He’s in the toddler room now and we see his knowledge growing day by day!

Nicole M.

My son has been at Upstream for just over a year and it has been great. The teachers are so great, and the owner & director are wonderful. We have become close with everyone and it’s more of a family feeling. The teachers have great communication and I know I can always talk with someone. The education skills my son is learning are awesome in preparing him for kinder!! All in all wonderful preschool!! I’d definitely recommend it to everyone.

Brandie Brown

The moment we went on our first tour we felt like family. From meeting the teachers, to seeing the campus, to the extensive welcome packet, all of it was informative and put us at ease. We’ve been a part of two other preschool communities in the Williamson County area, but due to home moves we needed a new place for our youngest child. The family culture draws you in and makes you feel at ease, while the attention to curriculum and training of teachers helps you to know that your child will not only be where they need to be academically, but they will also be well rounded kids as they enter the world of public/private school after preschool. Thank you, Upstream Learning!

Laura F

- Senior Vice President, Marketing At Round Rock Express.

So thankful to have found this preschool for my two children. It is so welcoming and feels like home. I love that it is locally/family owned, has Christian values and teaches what they need to know for kindergarten, and is character building. I highly recommend putting it on your list to visit when deciding where to send your child – I just wish I had found it sooner!

Tiffany W.

Love Upstream! It’s just the right size for us. It has this perfect combo of home care/family feel with structured learning and creative development that encourage my son’s curious nature. The teacher/ student ratio allows for plenty of one-on-one time and attention for our son. He has bonded with his wonderful, compassionate teachers and aids making his time away from us safe and enjoyable. Parents night out are a LIFESAVER!!!! Upstream is the best!

Katie H.

The ratio of teachers to children is one of the main reasons I love this school. The teachers are all amazing and I always feel comfortable leaving my babies with them no matter which teacher my babies are with, I know they are ALWAYS safe. I also love the location of the school and how it’s not on a main rd!

Michael S.

We found Upstream in late 2014 after being very disappointed with Primrose. The Upstream staff was wonderful and caring. Our oldest has moved on to kindergarten and his younger brother now attends. Ms. Emily, Ms. Allen, Ms. Jilian, Ms. Tasha and the entire staff rock!

Missy G.

They really get children ready for kindergarten and the school environment. They teach them more than just the fundamentals. They do hands on activities, engaging lessons and most importantly, they have fun! You can tell that the caregivers truly love and value their students and parents. An important factor is the small classes they have. Teachers can really connect and build a bond with their students. They really are one big family.

Sara B.

I’ve had two of my children attend Upstream and absolutely love it! They only attended the year before they started kindergarten, but in that short time, they were MORE than prepared to start school! The staff is amazing! I plan on sending our last child there and would absolutely recommend this school!

Shannon Quandt Houston

We LOVE Upstream Learning! Our three boys have all had incredible experiences at the school in different capacities. Our time with Upstream began in the fall of 2019 when we enrolled our middle child who was two at the time. He instantly fell in love with the school and his teachers. I remember being so impressed that he knew his vowels within a month of becoming an Upstream student! He was with the school for two years before moving to a public school setting. His solid foundation at Upstream prepared him to be a leader in his classes and a successful student! Our oldest was already in a public school setting when we joined Upstream, but he was able to spend time at the school during summer sessions, having lots of fun and building strong foundations for school! Finally, our third son joined the Upstream family at just three months old. It is so hard to leave your infant, but we knew he was in great hands with the Upstream staff. They partner with parents to make sure their babies grow up in a safe, nurturing environment where they are loved unconditionally, instilled with confidence to conquer anything, and given so many great tools to prepare them for elementary school. We have experienced each class that the school has to offer, and we cannot recommend them enough! You will not find a better preschool in Round Rock!

Alex Brown Hellums

We have now had two children attend Upstream Learning and have had a GREAT experience during our time there. Our oldest is now in 1st grade and absolutely excelling not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. This is 100% because of the foundational skills that he learned at Upstream. The teachers and owners at Upstream care deeply about the children and families they are serving. They have a low staff turnover, as they really value their employees. We always felt as if our children were in the best hands, and we never worried about them while they were at school. We also really appreciated how clean they kept the classrooms, always making sure an extra cleaning occurred when a child had been sick. We rarely had issues with sickness, and I attributed this to the extra steps they were taking. They have a beautiful school and property that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Dede Sigman Johnson

Highly recommend Upstream! It’s not only a place for academic learning but a place for nurturing, social and emotionally development. It’s a family and the staff and teachers are amazing! Highly recommend!